Attendees of the Jim Moran Institute’s Business & Leadership Conference are invited to participate in a Pitch the Editor Competition. Those interested must submit an application that includes basic company information and a brief pitch sharing on one’s business story. Applicants have the option to submit their pitch via a one-minute video recording or a written document. Prior to the conference date, five finalists will be selected to present a three-minute pitch to the audience and our panelists who will provide feedback.

gigi twist pitch the editorApplication information

Application Instructions

1. Create a video of your 1-minute pitch OR share a written pitch
2. Complete your Pitch the Editor application

a. Record contact information
b. Upload company logo (PNG or JPEG)
c. Attach a link to your 1-minute pitch video OR write your pitch in the text box provided
d. Share your social media links

3. You will receive an email by June 14, 2017, once all applications have been reviewed

Pitch the Editor Requirements

  1. Applicant must register for the conference
  2. Applicant who submitted the application must also give the 3-minute pitch at the conference
  3. Applicant must be in an executive position of the company which they are representing
  4. All material must be submitted by June 7, 2017

Application link

Apply Here